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How is this information unique?

What makes this information unique is that through extensive research in female orgasm a new model of orgasm has emerged very different from traditional cultural approaches to human sexuality. This has advanced the frontier of what was thought possible to experience in female orgasm. Going beyond tips and techniques, by using this new paradigm both women and men report it improves communication, enhances sensual experiences, creates greater intimacy and adds more fun to their lives.

This expanding body of knowledge is accessible through online classes, sensuality courses and retreats, female orgasm videos and other online resources offering people the opportunity to start from right now and make things better, one stroke at a time.


Who comes to take the courses or decides to learn from the instructional DVDs and online videos?

People in their teens to their 80's and all in between, from all walks of life, backgrounds and points of view come to learn from the sensuality research of the Welcomed Consensus. Some people become students from home through the online learning resources available through the Welcomed Consensus website, whereas others travel to personally attend a sensuality course or retreat.

The common denominator is that they are interested in having more fun and pleasure as individuals and in relationships. They actively want better sex lives and fundamentally want to know how to have and give better orgasm. Many women and men are looking for something more to relate over with their partners in addition to their careers, children, marriage, work, family, hobbies, etc.

Deliberate Orgasm (DOing) is not only a fun activity to relate over, but it is an excellent way for men and women to build a great friendship with one another.


The Welcomed Consensus

The Welcomed ConsensusThe Welcomed Consensus is a group of researchers and educators in sensuality, communication, relationships and female orgasm.

They formed the Welcomed Consensus and began teaching sensuality courses in 1992 to share the new insights and experiences from their research. They saw opportunities to innovate and develop a new body of information in the fields of communication, sensuality, relationships and female orgasm.

They also realized they could expand their findings by teaming up with Doctors Steve and Vera Bodansky, authors of Expanded Massive Orgasm, who themselves had vast experience in human sexuality and sensuality.

They were able to transform usual views of relationships and sexuality into fun and winning experiences for men and women. They started implementing their new findings. As a result, instant success was gained into living better lives, from basic human communication to expanded pleasure via Deliberate Orgasm.

Today, men and women have opportunities to better understand and discuss these subjects and find the inspiration and the know-how to use them successfully in their every day life.

Female OrgasmThrough sensuality courses and female orgasm videos, the Welcomed Consensus has inspired thousands of men and women to rethink their sensuality, love and relationships, and female orgasm. This includes Lisa Carrillo founder of Loving Your Love Life, Nicole Daedone author of Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm leader of the Slow Sex Movement and OneTaste founder, and Robert Kandell and Ken Blackman OneTaste Senior Staff instructors of Orgasmic Meditation.

With challenging, exciting and cutting edge knowledge, this contemporary information is enhanced by your individual hands-on research. To see how these new insights can be introduced into your life, visit us. Join this unique educational experience today.


Educational Resources for Online Learning in Sensuality and Female Orgasm

  • e-Learning Online Classes - It has never been easier to explore your sensuality. Distance learning for sensuality and better sex right at home.
  • Female Orgasm Members Area - Watch online instructional videos on how to have an orgasm, view exclusive orgasm photos, clips and articles. Free access for those who have been introduced to Deliberate Orgasm through our sensuality courses or DVDs.
  • Female Orgasm Podcast - Listen to instructors and students talk about their sensuality, how to feel more sensation and have a better sex life by exploring female orgasm.
  • The CLIT Board Discussion Forum - Read, ask questions, contribute to the research on female orgasm. An informative ongoing discussion board started in 1995.
  • Deliberate Orgasm - Learn from this body of information on living a pleasurable life including viewpoints and techniques that enrich relationships and enhance intimate experiences.
  • The Female Orgasm - Discover what is beyond the traditional approaches to human sexuality and the pleasure that is available to both women and men.
  • Sensuality and Sexuality - There is a basic difference between sensuality and sexuality. As a person actively learning Deliberate Orgasm it is useful to distinguish between the two.

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