Instructional Female Orgasm Videos

Featuring Deliberate Orgasm (DOing)

Our educational videos show the techniques of DOing in action and define the underlying concepts of Deliberate Orgasm. Instructors clearly demonstrate the female model of orgasm, from the basic steps of DOing to refined ways of having and producing extended orgasm. Using this contemporary approach, full-body orgasm through manual stimulation of the clitoris is attainable for the viewer either alone or with a partner.

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Deliberate Orgasm Series

Create optimum pleasure with Deliberate Orgasm for a sex life that keeps getting better. Instructors in this series expand on the fundamentals of DOing, showing full-body orgasm through manual stimulation of the clitoris. Based on the one hour orgasm course, each volume focuses on a specific facet of DOing with in-depth demonstrations of what is possible. Anyone can access the unlimited potential of female orgasm, this series shows you how.
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Deliberate Orgasm Collection

3 Minute Orgasm Series

Extended orgasm is built through simple steps. This series is designed to take the viewer beyond traditional approaches to sensuality and orgasm. The basic technique and concepts central to Deliberate Orgasm are introduced and demonstrated by instructors in an easy to follow format. With a forthright approach, this series shows how anyone can incorporate a 3-minute orgasm into their daily lives.
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3 Minute Orgasm

Female Masturbation Series

Learn more about female orgasm. In this series, seven women, including both instructors and students of the Welcomed Consensus masturbate using the Deliberate Orgasm technique. With female orgasm as the model, the viewer can experience increased sensation, relaxation and see how to create optimum pleasure. These explicit videos show close-up shots of the woman’s genitalia during orgasm. Educational for both women and men, observe what is possible through the sensual research of these orgasmic women. Have fun by yourself or watching with a partner.
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Female Masturbation Collection
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